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Dinner Menu

Dinner Menu

Complet Poisson (how the French Tunisian Jews eat fish)
Your choice of fish fillet with mechouia (grilled pepper & tomato salad), sunny side up egg, French fries, bell pepper or jalapeno, or both. Cooked á la "plancha".


Grillades (From the grill, Parisian-style)
Served with harissa sauce, parsley, onion and baguette. Your choice of French fries or house salad


House Specialties
Served with choice of 2: soup, house salad or hand cut French fries.


Sides D




Tajines (traditional dishes)


Tunisian Couscous (a feast)


Desserts D


Corkage fee: $10 (kosher mevushal wine only)


Salads D


Small Plates



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