8914 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90035
T: (310) 858 1920 F: (310) 858 1109


Our new menu is drawn from my Tunisian origins and our family’s Paris restaurant. My American culinary experiences influence our focus on healthful ingredients – including gluten-free dishes, grass-fed beef, hormone- & antibiotic-free chicken, extra virgin olive oil, and non-GMO canola oil. Bon Appetit!

Alain Cohen, Chef-Owner

Street Eats

Image Image Image

Avocado Egg Rolls • 7.99

With sundried tomato and cashew tamarind sauce


Breik a L'Oeuf et au Thon • 7.99

Tuna, parsley & capers with sunny side up egg wrapped in a
paper thin eggroll skin.

Image Image

B'Stilla • 11.99

Traditional chicken, ground almond and cinnamon in crispy phyllo pastry with powdered sugar on top


Cigare a la Viande • 8.99

Ground beef cooked in cumin and spices in a fried egg roll served with harissa sauce


Pates a La Boutargue • 13.99

Spaghetti with parsley and Tunisian caviar tossed in olive oil

Image Image

Fricassee • 4.99

Mini-Tunisian Tuna sandwich in a fried roll


Merguez Sausage with Harissa (2) • 9.99


Roasted Cauliflower in a Tahini Sauce (Vegan/Gluten-Free) • 7.99

Kemia Sampler babaghanoush. • 7.99

mechouia. spicy eggplant. tapenade. harissa. challah.21

Street Eats Sampler (serves 2–4) • 19.99

avocado egg roll (2). breik a l’oeuf au thon. cigare a la viande (2). fricassé (2).



Paleo-Mediterranean Salad (Gluten-Free) • 16.99

Thinly sliced, grilled grass-fed rib eye steak, with grilled red pepper, tomatoes, carrots, red cabbage & toasted almonds, on a bed of romaine lettuce & kale. Lemon-extra virgin olive oil dressing.

Substitute: Organic Sausage (2), Grilled Tofu, Mock Beef or Mock Chicken, Grilled Chicken, or Salmon/Tilapia

Image Image Image Image Image

Salade Nicoise (Gluten-Free) • 16.99

Olive oil-packed tuna, Hard-boiled egg, potato, green beans, grape tomatoes, kalamata olives & capers. Traditional lemon-red wine vinaigrette dressing.

House Specialties

choice of coleslaw, french fries, seasoned cauliflower couscous (raw) or salade fraiche


Killer Veggie Burger (Vegetarian) • 13.99

With chipotle aioli & roasted tomato salsa served on an original or a whole wheat house made pretzel bun.

Image Image

Grilled Chicken Breast Wrap • 14.99

Avocado, lettuce, tomato & tarragon mayo

Image Image

Grilled Chicken Sandwich • 14.99

On stirato roll with avocado, lettuce, tomato, and chipotle aioli.

Image Image

Chicken Schnitzel on a Pretzel • 15.99

Lettuce, tomato, pickles & caper remoulade. pretzel french roll


Burger Maison • 13.99

100% grass fed beef, lettuce, roasted tomato, balsamic glazed onion, rosemary aioli. original or whole wheat pretzel bun

Image Image

Harissa Spiced Burger • 16.99

100% grass-fed beef pathy spiced with Harissa , lettuce, roasted tomato, preserved lemon, balsamic glazed red onion & harissa aioli. original or whole wheat pretzel bun

Royal Burger • 19.99

100% grass fed beef, crispy pastrami, avocado, caramelized onions, sauteed mushrooms and Harissa aioli,  served on an original or a whole wheat housemade pretzel bun

Image Image

Pulled Beef Brisket Kansas or Memphis-Style • 16.99

BBQ beef sandwich with coleslaw on a stirato bun. Coleslaw.

Alain's Tunisian Tuna Sandwich • 15.99

Olive oil tuna, israeli salad, potato, hardboiled egg, preserved lemon, olives & capers on a stirato bun dressed with mechouia & harissa.

gluten-free sandwich bread 2.00 • gluten-free burger bun 3.00
Extra dressing or sauce: 50¢
Split fee $3.00 per person
Add side salad: $5.00

Kosher Mevushal wine only. No corkage.
Water served upon request.


Complet poisson17.99/22.99

fillet cooked “á la plancha.” mechouia, grilled tomato & bell pepper, sunny-side-up egg & french fries. jalapeño on request

tilapia 17.99     salmon 20.99        branzino 22.99


From the grill, parisian-style
Served with harissa sauce, parsley, onion. Your choice of french fries or coleslaw

Image Image

Boneless Marinated Chicken Breast & Thigh • 16.99


Entrecote • 18.99

Thin rib eye steak, 10 oz.


Lamb Kefta Kebab (3 spiced ground lamb meatballs) • 18.99


Lamb Steak (10oz. shoulder cut) • 19.99


Grillade Royale • 26.99

Mixed grill with steak, lamb shoulder, merguez, heart & sweetbread

Image Image

Rib Eye Steak 16oz. • 29.99

•merguez sausage 5.00           • lamb kefta kebab 8.00             • sweetbreads 12.00


Daily vegetarian & non-vegetarian (ask your server). 3 for a cup and 5 for a bowl

Tunisian Couscous Feasts

All couscous are served with grain, broth, vegetables, and boulette (Meatball)


Lamb Stew with Prunes and Roasted Almonds • 29.99

Image Image

Couscous au Poulet  • 12.99/17.99

  • chicken meatball & chicken kebab
  • chicken meatball & chicken kebab
    Plate: 17.99

Couscous au Boeuf • 14.99 /19.99

  • Beef meatball
    Bowl  : 14.99
  • Beef meatball & beef kebab
    Bowl  : 19.99

Couscous aux Keftas D'Agneau • 15.99/20.99

beef meatball beef
Bowl : 15.99

Meatball & lamb kefta kebab
Plate : 20.99

Image Image

Couscous Royal • 28.99

beef, chicken, lamb kebab, merguez & beef meatball
Plate Only


Couscous aux 7 Legumes (7 Vegetables Couscous) • 16.99

  • Soy meatball or grilled tofu steak (vegan)
    Bowl: 11.99
  • Soy meatball & veggie kebab
    Plate: 16.99


Traditional stews served with couscous

Image Image

Artichoke Beignets with Potato and Tofu (Vegetarian) • 17.99

Image Image

Lemon Raisin Chicken • 20.99

Image Image

Olive & Preserved Lemon Chicken • 20.99

Image Image

Short Rib Beef Bourguignon • 26.99

Wine, carrots, onions and tomato stew with braised short ribs


Lamb Stew with Prunes and Roasted Almonds • 29.99




Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite • 2.00
Mexi Coke • 4.00
Bruce cost Ginger ale • 4.00

Vintage Sodas • 4.00

Dr Brown’s Root Beer, cel-ray, ginger ale cream soda (Regular and Diet), Reed’s Ginger Beer and Apple Cider. 4.00

Juices • 4.00

Harvey & Sons Organic Juices & Tea (Cranberry, Apple, Orange-Mango, Lemonade)
Gnap 100% Pure Pomegranate Juice.
Langer’s (Orange, Mango)
Martinelli Apple Juice (Regular and Sparkling)
Jump (strawberry banana & diet grapefruit)
Neviot aplle juice
Sappe aloe vera juice


San Benedetto (500 ml), TY Nant (330 ml) • 5.00
Evian , badoit, Fiji (500 ml) • 4.00
Evian , badoit, Fiji (liter) • 6.00
Nestle bottle water • 1.50
Zico coconut water • 4.00

Sparkling Water

San Pellegrino, Perrier (500 ml) • 4.00
San Pellegrino, Perrier (liter) • 6.00
Perrier ( lime, lemon) • 2.00
San Pallegrino, Italian sparkling juice • 4.00
(arranciata, lemonata, arranciata rosa, pompelmo & clementina)

Lemonade and Iced Tea • 3.00/4.00

House made fresh mint lemonade • 3.00
House made tropical iced tea • 3.00
House made Arnold palmer • 3.00
Limonitz • 4.00
( sparkling mint, strawberry & ginger)
Sprindrift ( grapefruit & lemonade)
Gus’ meyer lemonade • 4.00
Tea of a kind ( black & mint) • 4.00
Tazo tea ( peach & green tea) • 4.00
yerba mate ( classic, mint unsweetened, pomegranate & peach) • 4.00

Hot Tea • 4.00

house made tunisian green mint tea  • 5.00
house made decaf luisa tea ( lemon verbana) • 5.00
green, earl, black, chamomile ( decaf)  • 4.00


Lavazza Espresso (Regular & Decaf) • 3.00
peet’s coffee( regular & decaf) • 3.00
Cappuccino, Latte (Dairy-Free) • 4.50
ground work cold brew bottle • 5.00
xl energy drink • 3.00

House Teas • 5.00

Tunisian Mint Tea, Lemon Verbena (Decaf)

We thank you for your loyal patronage, and look forward to a tasty 2017!

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Shabbat Specials For March 16th 2018 – French


Chicken and Cognac Pate*                                               $14.99/lb

Spinach & Broccoli Quiche (V)                                      $4.00/serving

Salmon Mousse Terrine                                                   $18.99/lb

Beef Meatballs Bourguignon *                                       $12.99/lb

Cauliflower “Au Gratin”                                                   $9.99/lb                                                                            

Lamb “Vol au Vent “                                                          $5.00/each

Chicken Liver Pate & Pastrami*                                    $14.99/lb                                                

Ethnic Appetizers

Hummus                                                                                $7.99/lb                                                           

Smoky Babaganoush                                                        $9.99/lb

Spicy Moroccan Eggplant                                               $9.99/lb                                        

Matboukha (Cooked Tomato & Pepper Salad)       $9.99/lb                              

Carrot & Fennel Seed Salad                                           $7.99/lb

Tapenade                                                                               $10.99/lb

Beet Salad with Mint                                                         $7.99/lb

Gefilte Fish with Carrot Horseradish                         $10.99/lb

Vegetarian Chopped Liver                                              $9.99/lb                        

Tunisian Beef Boulettes*                                                 $5.00/each

Soup:  Creamed French Onion Soup with Garlic Croutons & “Cheese” (V) $.                                                                                       $9.99/quart

Chicken Soup with Angel Hair Pasta*                        $10.99/quart


Moroccan Salmon                                                              $18.99/lb

Poached Trout Fillet with Creamy Tarragon & Mushroom sauce              $19.99/lb


Rotisserie Chicken with Chervil & Tarragon Rub*  $16.99/lb                       

Coq Au Vin   (Bone-In)*                                                      $14.99/lb

Crusty Mustard Chicken Breast with Shallots (Boneless)*    $16.99/lb

Brisket Bordelaise  *                                                            $21.99/lb

Duck with Orange Sauce*                                                     $24.99/lb

Traditional Tunisian Dish

T’fina Camounia (Beef, Potato quenelles) served with Couscous*      $15.99/serving

Cholent of the Week: Hungarian Cholent* $14.99/serving

(Beef, Beans, Barley, Potatoes and Eggs)


Artichoke Beignets    (VE)                                                 $14.99/lb

Portobello & Tofu Napoleon over Tagliatelle with Pistou (V)    $8.99/each

Mac & “Cheese” (V/GF)                                                      $12.99/lb


Potatoes Lyonnaise (Scalloped Potatoes & Onions) (V/GF)  $8.99/lb

Pasta Ratatouille (V)                                                               $9.99/lb

Riz aux Petit Pois with Pearl Onions (GF/VE)               $9.99/lb

Creamed Spinach (V/GF)                                                       $10.99/lb

Sauteed Wild Mushrooms with Carrots & Onions (V/GF)       $9.99/lb

Kugel of The Week 

Asparagus & Leek Kugel (V)         Large: $10.50/Small:  $6.50/each

V= Vegetarian / VE = Vegan / GF = Gluten Free.

*Our Beef Is 100%Grass Fed. Our Chicken Is Antibiotic- & Hormone-Free.

We cook with non-GMO canola oil.

Smokin' Sundays



Texas-Style BBQ Beef Ribs • 22.99

2 Ribs, 2 Sides and Corn Bread


Texas-Style BBQ Chicken

2 Sides and Corn Bread

Quarter: 13.99 • Half: 21.99 • Full (Feeds 4 Family Style): 33.99


Southern-Style Fried Chicken • 16.99

2 Sides and Corn Bread


$3.50 each or $2.00 each when ordered with a Plate

Baked Beans

Traditional or Spicy Coleslaw

Fresh-Cut French Fries

BBQ Potatoes

Potato wedges roasted in BBQ sauce

Green Salad • 5.00

Red Wine Vinaigrette

Corn on the Cob

Grilled Veggies


Comes with coleslaw only

Chicken Breast Sandwich • 12.99

Kansas-Style BBQ Brisket • 14.99

A little sweet

Memphis-Style BBQ Brisket • 14.99

A little spicy

Smoked Andouille Sausage • 10.99

Hamburger • 13.99

Gluten-free Bread: Add $1.00 • Extra Dressing or Sauce: 50¢ • Split Fee: $3.00 per person

Plate (No Bread)

Comes with corn bread & your choice of 2 sides

Chicken Breast Sandwich • 15.99

Kansas-Style BBQ Brisket • 17.99

A little sweet

Memphis-Style BBQ Brisket • 17.99

A little spicy

Smoked Andouille Sausage • 13.99

Hamburger • 16.99

Gluten-free Bread: Add $1.00 • Extra Dressing or Sauce: 50¢ • Split Fee: $3.00 per person

Choice of Soup or Appetizer (1 per person)
*Matzah Ball Chicken Soup (pint/per person)
*Vegetarian Soup (pint per person)
*Gefilte Fish

Dips (all included)
*Israeli Salad

Choice of Entree (1 per person)
*Chicken: Herbes de Provence Cut Rotisserie Chicken by the piece

*Chicken Special: Lemon Raisin Chicken Breast

*Brisket: Red Wine Brisket

*Vegetarian: Artichoke Beignet

*Fish: Moroccan Salmon

Sides (2 per pers)
* Mashed Potatoes
* Green Beans with Grilled Almonds
*  Side 3: Potato Kugel


Chocolate Bread Pudding Loaf (1 per order)


Original Pretzel Challah (1 per order)

$35/per person


with cashew tamarind sauce (4) (vegetarian)

egg, tuna, parsley and capers

B’STILLA $6 traditional Moroccan
chicken & almond pastry

cigar-shaped beef turnover with cumin and harissa (2)
(quntissential Tunisian street eat!)

mini-Tunisian sandwich in a fried bread roll

Harrisa sause

Angel hair pasta, olive oil, garlic & crushed
red Pepper, salt-cured fish roe (tunisian caviar)

tahini sauce (vegan)

mechouia (vegan)

babaghanoush, mechouia, spicy eggplant, tapenade,
harissa & challah

Avocado egg roll, breik a l’oeuf et au thon, cigare a
la viande, fricasse

*** All Happy Hour Appetizers are featured at Half Price from the regular menu***



Don Alfonso, Red $5
Don Alfonso, White $5
Weinstock, Red $7
Weinstock, White $7
Jeunesse, Pink Moscato $9
Herzog, Chardonnay $9
Tishbi, Merlot $13
Goose Bay, Pinot Noir $14
Corona, Pale Lager, Mexico $4
Heineken, Lager, Holland $4
Baja Brew Escorpion Negro, Schwarzbier, Mexico $4
Estrella Damm Inedit, Witbier, Spain $4
Amstel Light, Light Lager, Holland $4
Nesher, Non-Alcoholic Malt Beer, Israel $4
Dos XX Amber, Vienna Lager, Mexico $5
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, APA, California $5
Lagunitas, IPA, California $5
Blue Moon, Belgium White, Colorado $5
Fat Tire Belgium White, Witbier, Colorado $5
Stella Artois, Euro Pale Lager, Belgium $7
Angel City Brewery Pilsner, German Pilsner, California $7
Angel City Brewery Lager, APL, California $7
Guinness Draught, Irish Dry Stout, Ireland $7
Ballast Point Sculpin, India Pale Ale, California $9

Please drink responsibly #2014264



About Got Kosher?

North African, French, Jewish & Inspired

Serving up a unique fusion of flavors and traditions

The vibrant cuisine at Got Kosher? Restaurant reflects the heritage of chef-owner Alain Cohen, in his authentic centuries-old Tunisian dishes–crafted with techniques he learned working in his family’s Paris restaurant, and seasoned with an LA twist of innovation.

The result? Some of the best – and among the most unique – cuisine available in Los Angeles. Chef Cohen spices up his international kosher cuisine with North African ingredients, including the historic and beloved house made harissa—Tunisia’s signature spicy condiment sauce. Along with a menu that includes traditional French, sumptuous Moroccan and American classics, the restaurant features authentic Tunisian dishes unavailable anywhere else.

Award-winning pretzel challah & pastry

Got Kosher? is renowned from sea to shining sea for Chef Cohen’s personal creation: pretzel challah. The lines are out of the door on Friday, as Angelenos come from far and wide to buy their favorite flavor—from Belgian Chocolate Chunk to Kalamata Olive & Rosemary & everyone’s favorite, Original Pretzel Challah. Named Best Non-Traditional Challah 2012 by Los Angeles Magazine, Got Kosher? ships the challah across the country and to supermarkets around Southern California.

Overseen by Chef Cohen, Got Kosher? Bakery produces a variety of baked goods, , including delectable desserts, produced daily by the bakery’s French pastry chef. Chef Cohen’s mission is to recreate in taste and beauty the traditional French pastries of his hometown in non-dairy —and with his uncompromising standards, he has succeeded 

Customer well-being a high priority

The kitchen prides itself on holding to high standards in its food choices. Daily, the kitchen sources the freshest produce available, and cooks only with non-GMO canola oil (despite the additional expense). With both environmental and customer well-being in mind, Got Kosher? cooks with beef which is 100% pasture raised, chicken which is antibiotic- and hormone- free, and fish which is sustainably farmed.

Got Kosher? is one of the few kosher restaurants with a commitment to vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free offerings. The lunch and dinner menus, as well as the weekly Shabbat takeout, include creative dishes—as well as dairy-free desserts.

Under the direction of Chef Alain Cohen, Got Kosher? Restaurant & Bakery is blazing new creative culinary ground in the world of international kosher cuisine. We hope you’ll join us soon, so we may feed your body & soul.


The Chef

Feeding body & soul

Chef Alain Cohen learned at an early age in Paris about the importance of fresh ingredients and high quality meats in the preparation of superb glatt kosher food. Working for his father at Les Ailes, a well-known restaurant established after the family emigrated from Tunisia to Paris, Chef Cohen was also schooled in the metaphysical qualities of the ingredients. Pumpkin and garlic were used to ward off enemies, spinach to bring renewal, fish to spawn fertility, and dates to elevate the soul to the height of palm trees, and to wash away one’s sins.

A busboy by the age of 9, Chef Cohen learned the restaurant business from the proverbial ground up. He assisted his father on Friday afternoons in offering take-out couscous meals with meat, fish, or beans and vegetables,–the requisite fare for Shabbat tables across the Tunisian community of Paris. He continued with stints as a waiter, chef, bartender and, finally, general manager.

It’s all about art

Ultimately, Chef Cohen left the family business for the lure of filmmaking. With two documentaries about the Jews of the Tunisian island of Djerba under his belt, he moved to Los Angeles in 1981, where he attended the American Film Institute.

But it wasn’t long before he felt pulled back into the culinary arts. He served as manager of the iconic La Brea Bakery and learned technique from local artisanal bread maven, Nancy Silverton—technique he would employ in developing his addictive pretzel challah. In 2002, he launched Got Kosher? as a producer and wholesaler of packaged sandwiches and salads. As well, he founded Neshama Gourmet Kosher Foods, home of the truly irresistible Neshama All-Natural Kosher Chicken & Turkey Sausages.

For Chef Cohen, Got Kosher? brings his life full circle–back to his French Tunisian roots with a modern American twist. The small provisions shop he opened in 2009 has grown into a beloved neighborhood fixture, with a restaurant, takeout, bakery and catering. Got Kosher? continues to reflect Chef Cohen’s passion for delicious foods “that happen to be kosher.” With an ongoing vision of elevating kosher food, Chef Cohen continues to break culinary ground with vegan & gluten-free offerings, as well as heavenly dairy-free French pastry. Who knows what comes next. …

34.054992 -118.386116

8914 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90035
Tel Restaurant: (310) 858 1920

Tel Catering : (310) 858 3123

Tel Deli/Bakery/Take Out : (310) 858 3128

Fax: (310) 858 1109

Restaurant :

Sunday to Thursday 11:30AM – 9:30PM
Friday 11:30AM – 2:30PM
Saturday Closed

Store :

Sunday to Thursday 09:00AM – 9:00PM
Friday 8:00AM – 2:30PM
Saturday Closed

Holiday Calendar


Shavuot: Wednesday May 31st (closed)

Thursday June 1st (Closed)

Tish’a B’av: Tuesday, August 1st (Closed)

Rosh Hashana: Wednesday, September 20st (1/2 day closed)

Thursday, September 21st (Closed)

Friday, September 22nd (Closed)

Yom Kippur: Friday, September 30th ( closed)


Wednesday, October 4th (1/2 day closed)

Thursday, October 5th (closed)

Friday, October 6th (Closed)

Simchat Torah

Wednesday, October 11th (1/2 day closed)

Thursday, October 12th (Closed)

Friday, October 13th (Closed)


Monday, December 25th ( Closed)

New Year’s Day

Monday, January 1st (Closed)


8914 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90035
Tel Restaurant: (310) 858 1920

Tel Catering : (310) 858 3123

Tel Deli/Bakery/Take Out : (310) 858 3128

Fax: (310) 858 1109